Monday, July 28, 2014

Crystallized Throw Pillow

This is the second throw pillow I have made from the book we got at work.  I will be teaching this one also.  Crystallized is larger than Jewel of the Seas.  Jewel is 16" square and Crystallized is 20" square.  I really love both of them.  I hope our customers at work will love them too and want to learn to make them.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Jewel of the Sea Throw Pillow

We got a new pattern book in at work that has just throw pillow patterns in it.  Linda and I liked it so much we soon decided to teach a few classes out of it.  This is the first pillow made from the book.  It is called Jewel of the Seas and why I don't know.  Maybe because they used aqua as the main color, where I used red (red matches my sofa and loveseat).  The center is made of string blocks (always a favorite of mine) and has several borders.  It has bound edges and I put a zipper in the back.  I will be teaching another pillow from the book.  It is called Crystallized and consists of many half-square triangles.  The trick is the use of warm and cool colors and the way you put them together.  Linda has picked another couple of pillows to teach.  One is made with hexagrams (Linda's favorite) and the other is made cathedral-window style. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Still more quilt show pictures

This is the last bunch of pictures.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!

Even more quilt show pictures

More quilt show pictures

Some quilt show pictures

First Quilt Show Post

I went to the WV Quilter's quilt show at Summersville, WV today with my friend Jean.  These pictures are of the booth belonging to the company I work for.  We are vendors at this quilt show.  The lady in blue is my boss, Linda, and the lady standing in the back holding something white is Pam, my co-worker.  The quilt behind the lady Pam is talking to is one of mine:  the Cat's Meow quilt.  The one with squares ringed in white is also mine:  called Meter Maid.  The second picture shows a small flowerpot quilt that is also mine.  The large quilt to the right of the flowerpot quilt is my Celtic Solstice, which was Bonnie Hunter's mystery last fall.  The third picture shows my friend Jean standing in front of our new raffle quilt made to raffle for money for our pillowcase group.  I have lots more pictures of the beautiful quilts I saw at the quilt show, so I put put some in each of my next few posts to this blog.