Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Kitty Sam

It is with a heavy heart I have to say that on Monday we helped Sam to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  He had been ill for about six months and the vet told me he probably had an intestinal cancer.  He had lost a lot of weight and couldn't control his bowels.  He was fifteen years old.  This is the third time I have had to have a cat put down and it doesn't get any easier.

I still have Sam's sisters from the same litter, Sascha and Rosie.  They seem to be in good health.  We also have Ace, the cat that Adam had to begin with but has lived with us for a lot of years now.  I think he is twelve or thirteen years old.  He seems to be in good health also.  He is actually Richard's cat - he chose Richard to be his human.  It will break my heart to lose any of them. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Finished my Cheddar Nine-Patch Quilt

I started this quilt last fall while I was making the quilts I was giving my family for Christmas.  I set this one aside in order to get the others done in time.  I finally quilted it and finished the binding just today.  I call it Cheddar Nine-Patch.  Bonnie K. Hunter showed her quilt on her blog some time ago.  She made it for a new nephew, I think.  She offers the pattern for sale on her blog,  This was a lot of fun to make and used up a lot of 2 1/2" strips and squares.  I love scrappy quilts.    I was short a little of the cheddar fabric for the backing so I used half-square triangles made from cutting off the corners of the blocks.  The picture of the backing is before sandwiching and quilting.  The little feet in the pink fleece socks are mine 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Finished my Allietare Flimsy

I finally finished my Allietare quilt to flimsy status.  That means the top is together, but still needs to be sandwiched and quilted.  Bonnie K Hunter started posting clues to this mystery quilt the day after Thanksgiving last November.  She posted the clues on her blog, one each week until New Years.  I changed two colors from what Bonnie suggested.  She used Tuscan colors inspired from her trip to Italy last year.  I changed her red to blue and her gray to dark red.  My quilt is a little darker than those who used Bonnie's colors.  I also think mine looks rather more masculine than most.  I used a black piano key border instead of Bonnie's suggested border.  She showed how to scallop the edges.  I decided not to scallop the edges for this one. 
I showed the quilt top to my husband and he claimed it for his own.  He sleeps in a twin bed with the thickest mattress I've ever seen.  The size of this quilt makes a generous cover for his bed.  I am going to quilt this one on my Husqvarna Viking Opal sewing machine.  This will be the largest quilt I have quilted so far.  Now to choose a backing!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Another Boxy Stars? How Can I Be So Obsessed With A Quilt Pattern?

My group held our annual retreat last weekend and I worked on another Boxy Stars quilt.  I had all the components cut and ready so when I got there I got busy.  I got all the sections of the 20 blocks I needed done but not put together in the blocks.  So yesterday I finally sat down and put it all together.  I couldn't decide what to use for the border so I put it away last night and thought about it.  My husband suggested I use the green fabric that I had used for a constant in the blocks as a border.  I checked to see if I had enough left and I had just enough and about two inches left over.  I decided that fate had stepped in and chose the green.  I just got the borders on the quilt and thought I would go ahead and put it on the blog.

This time I thought of the stars as flowers and chose fabrics accordingly.  I used the green as leaves around the flowers.  I love the way the quilt turned out.  I think I will quilt if free motion with white thread.  I still need to choose a backing.  I'll post a picture when it is finished.  I love making this pattern!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Got my Allietare Blocks Together

This is my version of Bonnie K. Hunter's Allietare (mystery quilt).  I put my blocks together and just today I finished putting the rows together.  This mystery was started the day after Thanksgiving when Bonnie posted the first clue.  I worked on it diligently and kept up (for the most part) except for Christmas week when I fell a little behind.  The next clue was an easy one so I quickly caught up again.  Bonnie posted the last clue (the reveal!) on New Year's Eve and I got busy finishing it up.  So here it is - my Allietare.  (Allietare means "celebrate" in Italian.)  I still need to decide what to use for the narrow inner border and then the wider outer border.  I am thinking gold for the inner border and the dark, mottled red from the quilt for the outer border, if I can get more.  The red was the only fabric bought for this quilt; everything else came from stash.  I think I would like to also use the red for the back of the quilt.  I bought that fabric at JoAnn Fabrics so I hope I can get more. 

Our annual quilt retreat will be held on January 29, 30 and 31 this year.  Debbie Canterbury and I have decided to make another design by Bonnie Hunter called Boxy Stars.  I have made several from this pattern but I see so many different ways to make it that I just can't stop!  Debbie is doing hers in red, white and blue and I am calling the stars flowers and each flower will be a different fabric.  I am using green for my accent color, green for leaves.  I already have mine kitted up and ready to take to the retreat, which will be at Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley, WV.  We are very happy to get to go again this year because Viking will not sponser it any more.  Linda Banker has decided to do it on her own and Debbie and I have promised to help her all we can.  Really looking forward to it and hoping the weather cooperates.  We don't mind if it snows but please not until we get there!  In fact, snow a lot then and snow us in so we have to stay a few extra days!

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Now I Can List Some Finishes

This blue and green Boxy Stars quilt was made for my son, Adam, for Christmas.  All of these quilt finishes reported today are made on the same pattern - Boxy Stars designed by Bonnie K. Hunter and offered for free on her website  These quilts are all throws, not quite bed size.  The pattern is made using 2 1/2" strips and I have plenty of them already cut and ready to use.
The next quilt was a purple and yellow Boxy Stars made for my daughter, Audrey, for Christmas.  She loves purple so her quilt had to feature purple.
I didn't get a picture of the Boxy Stars quilt I made for my son-in-law, Jason.  His is blue and brown, colors he likes best.
The next finish is a purse I made for Audrey.  It is made from a pattern by Pink Sand Beach Designs called the Barbados Bag.  The first picture shows the front and the next one shows the back.  It is a cross-body bag with a zippered top.  Inside is a purple lining with pockets on one side.  The outside front has two pockets - the zippered one and a larger one behind the purple panel.  The back features two pockets.  This is the fourth purse I have made from this pattern.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.  We had the immediate family together to exchange gifts and Richard and I fixed a nice Christmas dinner featuring turkey and ham both.  I made up several recipes I found on and most of it I will make again.
Another finish that wasn't mine was a Christmas Boxy Stars quilt my friend Debbie made.  I quilted and bound it for her.  She hung it on her wall beside her Christmas tree and it was lovely.  I was so glad to get it finished two weeks before Christmas so she could enjoy it this year.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Finished My Christmas Tree Skirt

Second verse, same as the first.
I finished my tree skirt the other day.  I waited to take a picture when I got my tree decorated.  I used the same block pattern as my daughter's skirt but I used only four blocks for mine and nine blocks for hers.  She has a much larger tree than I have.  If you look really close at the picture you can see needles from the tree laying on the tree skirt.  Don't have much in presents under there yet.
I also quilted and bound my friend Debbie's Christmas quilt (made just like mine).  I am practicing my free motion quilting so I offered to do her quilt too.  I think I am getting better at it with each one I do.  I gave her quilt to her today and she has already hung it on the wall in her living room beside her Christmas tree.  She did an excellent job at the piecing of the quilt.

We had the Christmas luncheon of our pillowcase group today at Mayberry's Restaurant in St. Albans, WV.  Here is a picture of all the girls that attended.
We had a gift exchange and Mary Igo, that's the blonde in the green sweater, got the gift I took.  She seemed to like it a lot.  It was a Christmas tablerunner I made from a pattern I found in a two-year-old quilt magazine.  In the open blocks I quilted a stencil pattern, my first one.  I didn't get a picture of it, never even thought about it.  I am in the process of making another one and I will get a pic of it.

I am still making Christmas gifts and I will post pictures of them after Christmas.