Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Adam's Flimsy is Finished

This is my son Adam's quilt top.  We are remodelling the house next door to ours and he is going to live there.  The whole house is in shades of gray along with black and white.  We are making a one hundred year old house into a modern home.  The walls are all light gray and the laminate flooring is darker gray.  The trims are all painted white.  So when I decided to make a quilt to match the house I used shades of gray, black, and the background fabric is white.  I got it to flimsy status just today and hope to take it to Vonda Cochran, my favorite quilter tomorrow.  The backing fabric is a light gray with a swirl.

I have been sewing this year but not finishing much.  I made a pair of leggings for myself but I need a tunic top to wear with them.  I intend to make more leggings for me and my daughter Audrey.  I still have last year's mystery quilt from Bonnie K. Hunter in the works.  I just need to put a couple more rows on it and make the borders and I will be done.  I also have the year before mystery quilt about one third quilted for my husband.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

A Last Finish For 2016

I saw this block on Facebook where nearly everyone was making it.  I'm not sure but I thought I saw where it was called Arkansas Crossroads.  If you know it by another name please let me know.  I knew I could make it without a pattern and I had all these 2 1/2" squares already cut so I started in making a four-by-four grid of 16 blocks, then added the points in the middles.  The bottom photo shows the backing fabric, which I turned over the edges to bind the quilt.  None of them on Facebook had sashing so I had to make mine different.  I love this quilt and the pictures truly don't do it justice.  I am keeping this one for myself.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I have been trying and trying to win something from one of those sweepstakes run on facebook all the time.  Today I won an Xbox One S from Pizza Hut!  This is the email I got this morning:



Monday, November 14, 2016

Automobile Accident

No, I wasn't in one.  But one happened in front of my house this afternoon, and one of the vehicles hit the house across the street (that I own).  My daughter Audrey and her husband Jason live in the house that was hit.  Audrey was actually in the room that the car hit when it happened.  You see, we live on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Bream Street on the west side of Charleston, WV.  I live on the southeast corner and Audrey lives on the northwest corner.  The trouble is that this part of Bream Street is one-way, and the car came up the wrong way going pretty fast.  There was a pickup truck coming down Seventh Avenue and they met at the intersection, with both of them heading for Audrey's house.  There were two posts set deep in the ground on the corner because this has happened before, but the car sheered off the left post and hit the corner of the house.  The truck bent the other post over but it kept the truck out of the house.  The brick of the house seems to be ok but it took out the gutter downspout and broke a window.  I've already filed a claim with my insurance company.  The wrecker truck pulled up onto the retaining wall at my house and cracked it.  Refer to the pictures.  You can click on them to make them bigger.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

WV Purse

I know I haven't been blogging recently but I am still working in my sewing room.  I have been working on a couple of quilts that are not ready to share yet.  I have also been quilting on my Allietare quilt.  I did make two West Virginia purses, one for me and one for my daughter, Audrey.  I used a different batting for these - In R Form which is made for purses and bags.  It makes the purses more sturdy but harder to make because I have to turn the bag right side out and it is difficult with the stiffness.  Still the purses have body and I really like it.
I have had a few setbacks this summer, including burning my hand and hurting my knee.  I browned a roast in my electric skillet and realized I had too much grease so I tried to pour some of it out in the sink.  The roast then popped over into the grease and the grease ran across my left hand, burning my entire palm.  It took a couple of weeks but eventually all the burned skin peeled off and I ended up with all new skin on my hand.  I wasn't able to sew for quite some time.

Then a month ago I was stepping into the shower and my foot slipped across the tub, injuring the muscle directly behind my knee.  This muscle is what keeps the knee stable so then my knee would just collapse when I put weight on it.  My doctor sent me to physical therapy and they really helped me.  I was not able to get up out of a chair without Richard's help.  He walked me wherever I needed to go, like the bathroom.  He even showered me and washed my hair.  He got all my meals (I think I gained weight).  We borrowed a wheelchair which I used for about a week.  Then we borrowed a walker from my 89 year old great aunt and I used it for about two weeks.  Then, my dad had given Richard a cane so I used that for a while, but physical therapy fixed me up and now I am walking normally, with no pain.  I didn't sew during all of this because you have to step down into my sewing room and I was not able to do that.  It was even worse trying to step up.  I still have some trouble stepping up.  But now I am back to sewing and trying to get some things done.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

My Kitty Sam

It is with a heavy heart I have to say that on Monday we helped Sam to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  He had been ill for about six months and the vet told me he probably had an intestinal cancer.  He had lost a lot of weight and couldn't control his bowels.  He was fifteen years old.  This is the third time I have had to have a cat put down and it doesn't get any easier.

I still have Sam's sisters from the same litter, Sascha and Rosie.  They seem to be in good health.  We also have Ace, the cat that Adam had to begin with but has lived with us for a lot of years now.  I think he is twelve or thirteen years old.  He seems to be in good health also.  He is actually Richard's cat - he chose Richard to be his human.  It will break my heart to lose any of them. 

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Finished my Cheddar Nine-Patch Quilt

I started this quilt last fall while I was making the quilts I was giving my family for Christmas.  I set this one aside in order to get the others done in time.  I finally quilted it and finished the binding just today.  I call it Cheddar Nine-Patch.  Bonnie K. Hunter showed her quilt on her blog some time ago.  She made it for a new nephew, I think.  She offers the pattern for sale on her blog, quiltville.com.  This was a lot of fun to make and used up a lot of 2 1/2" strips and squares.  I love scrappy quilts.    I was short a little of the cheddar fabric for the backing so I used half-square triangles made from cutting off the corners of the blocks.  The picture of the backing is before sandwiching and quilting.  The little feet in the pink fleece socks are mine