Sunday, September 7, 2014

Yesterday's Rain Storm

We had a huge downpour yesterday afternoon.  There was high water all around the West Side of Charleston.  I was sitting on the porch when it started raining, and I jumped and ran into the house immediately.  I got soaked!  This first picture is from my front door soon after the flooding started. 

There is a very low area only a half block west of my house and it usually floods any time it rains heavily.  This time was much worse than usual.
This picture was taken from my side picture window in the living room.  The water was running down Bream Street like a river.
This one was also taken from my side picture window.  You can see two cars that were foolishly driven into the high water and were drowned out.  Those two cars were there for quite a while after the water went down.  If you click on the pictures you can see them larger.  While the two cars were stuck a fire department rescue vehicle drove up next to them but left them there.  I thought they would block the street but they didn't.  I didn't realize that they had their hands full, with high waters all over.  I was thankful I didn't have any place to go!