Saturday, September 3, 2016

WV Purse

I know I haven't been blogging recently but I am still working in my sewing room.  I have been working on a couple of quilts that are not ready to share yet.  I have also been quilting on my Allietare quilt.  I did make two West Virginia purses, one for me and one for my daughter, Audrey.  I used a different batting for these - In R Form which is made for purses and bags.  It makes the purses more sturdy but harder to make because I have to turn the bag right side out and it is difficult with the stiffness.  Still the purses have body and I really like it.
I have had a few setbacks this summer, including burning my hand and hurting my knee.  I browned a roast in my electric skillet and realized I had too much grease so I tried to pour some of it out in the sink.  The roast then popped over into the grease and the grease ran across my left hand, burning my entire palm.  It took a couple of weeks but eventually all the burned skin peeled off and I ended up with all new skin on my hand.  I wasn't able to sew for quite some time.

Then a month ago I was stepping into the shower and my foot slipped across the tub, injuring the muscle directly behind my knee.  This muscle is what keeps the knee stable so then my knee would just collapse when I put weight on it.  My doctor sent me to physical therapy and they really helped me.  I was not able to get up out of a chair without Richard's help.  He walked me wherever I needed to go, like the bathroom.  He even showered me and washed my hair.  He got all my meals (I think I gained weight).  We borrowed a wheelchair which I used for about a week.  Then we borrowed a walker from my 89 year old great aunt and I used it for about two weeks.  Then, my dad had given Richard a cane so I used that for a while, but physical therapy fixed me up and now I am walking normally, with no pain.  I didn't sew during all of this because you have to step down into my sewing room and I was not able to do that.  It was even worse trying to step up.  I still have some trouble stepping up.  But now I am back to sewing and trying to get some things done.