Saturday, September 25, 2010

These purses were made in my class today at Viking. Patty made the brown and blue bag, Rebekah made the pink one with the polka dots, Lynn made the green bag with the red flowers, Wanda made the beige with brown bag, Cathy made the flowered bag, and Mary made the burgundy and brown Margo. They all did a terrific job and I am very proud! They came in last night and did all the cutting and preparing because I was afraid we couldn't get them done in one day. Actually, we had plenty of time and when we do the class again in November we are only going to work on Saturday. We had a very pleasant day.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Old picture

This is an old picture in my collection of my Popaw and Momaw Pfost with Dad's brother Rob and and I am sure his daughter Greta. Since Greta is Jeff's age then this picture is more than fifty years old. I believe that is the living room at their house on Kanawha Two-Mile, long ago taken by Interstate 77. Dad called Rob at his home in Panama City, Florida about a year before he died and Paula, Rob's wife, told Dad that Rob had died the year before from COPD. I don't know why Paula never called to tell Dad about it. I remember that Dad spent some time grieving. The last I had heard was that Greta had about six kids and still lived in Florida. I haven't seen her in probably 40 or more years.