Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Richard and I visited Floral Hills Cemetary at Sissonville and Cunningham Memorial Cemetary in St. Albans on Saturday. His parents and my Pfost grandparents are at Floral Hills. I didn't take any pictures there. The pictures were both taken at Cunningham. I put the pinwheel on my aunt Audrey's babies grave. They were born in 1948 but neither lived. The headstone closest in the other picture is my aunt Folva's, beside her are my Spencer grandparents. Beside them are my Spencer great-grandparents and above them are my aunts and uncles, along with Audrey's babies. I usually only visit the cemetary once a year in the spring and put flowers on the graves. Mom and Dad were cremated and now reside in my china cabinet. Richard and I have decided to be cremated also and it makes no difference what is done with our ashes.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It ain't finished, but...

Wow, what a difference! I love the looks of the red metal roof and I am so glad we went with it. The gutters will be the same color as will the downspouts. We are going over to Home Depot and order a new garage door (solid white) and get a full-view storm door (also white). We will either buy a new front door or we will paint our door the same color red. Add the new white awning over the porch and paint the porch furniture to match the roof and terrific! Curb appeal! After that a new chain-link fence and planting some bushes or flowers. I am extremely pleased with the job so far.

We are doing our Memorial Day cookout this afternoon instead of tomorrow. This morning I baked a pineapple upside-down cake for dessert and we will have lots and lots of burgers. Richard and I are going to WalMart for some potato salad. Seems like the perfect cookout to me.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Doesn't it look great???

This is the house from Bream Street. They have the metal panels on three and a half sides of the roof now. They still have to do over the garage, all the trim pieces, and the new matching gutters. I love the color with the brick. The crew is taking a holiday on Monday since it is Memorial Day and won't be back until Tuesday.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's raining! It's pouring!

And my house has no roof! Today the contractor removed the two layers of shingles that made up our roof. Then he put underlayment on, which looks like bubble wrap. And that is all that is on the roof. Richard and I are both on edge about the rain. The crew is coming back tomorrow to begin putting the metal on the roof. They won't finish tomorrow and Monday is a holiday so they will be back Tuesday to (hopefully) finish the job. See the barn red metal panels? Won't that be georgous with the brick?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The house is so plain!

Of course, it looks like Blogger changed the order I uploaded my pictures again! One shows Richard just starting to take the awning down, another shows it about half down, and the last one shows the house as it looks now. As far as I can remember, the awning had been there since soon after the house was built in 1966. We needed to get the awning down because it was in the way of our new RED metal roof and gutters. The roofing contractor told me yesterday that they may not get here until a week from tomorrow, it all depends on how many rainy days we get between now and then. He said they will be making all the trim pieces this week so it should only take 3 to 4 days to get the new roof on. The new awning is being fabricated already. They said it should take about 4 weeks to get it ready, and then they will install it. I can't wait to get my house all prettied up! Richard will put up the new fence (he put up the old one) and then we can decide what to plant, if it's not too late in the season.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Elections

Well, I got thru the two elections, one for governor of West Virginia, and one for mayor of Charleston. I made $225 for the first one, and $245 for the second. I made the extra money for the second election by being Escort to the person who was Supply Commissioner. That means that after the election was closed I rode with Supply to the Kanawha Count Courthouse to drop off the election supplies. Then she dropped me back at my car and I went home. I spent the first election day doing the hand binding on my Connect the Dots quilt. The second election day was spent doing the hand binding on my Note to Self quilt. It was great getting all that done. Now I need to make labels for both quilts and they will be comepletely finished. I also spent time both days talking and eating. We had few voters; there was a light turnout. As far as I know, the next election is in October so I can forget about that for the summer.

Coming up, we are supposed to be getting our new RED metal roof in the next week or two. After that will be the WV shophop in early June. Diane, Debbie and I will be going (hopefully) and Tammy is coming in from the Grand Caymans where she lives (in a town called Hell). It will be great to see her again. We will try to hit 12 quilt shops in 2 days. That's a long way in a short time. As soon as we get back there will be an educator at work, so we will be busy. Later in the month I hope to attend WV Quilters quilt show in Summersville. I love seeing all the quilts and there are many vendors there too. I will have to save some money for that!

The weather is so cold and rainy it feels like winter! I long for summertime when I can sit on the porch and enjoy the fresh air. I have been freeeeeezing the past few days (and nights). I am writing this while wearing a sweatshirt and a pair of flannel pants. The rain can hold up our new roof, because the contractor has to finish the jobs ahead of us. What happened to global warming?????????

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tuesday storm

Big storm this evening right during drive time! There was quite a bit of hail (bigger than a pea) and then the rain came down and down and down! Right down the street from my house is a low spot and it filled up fast. Cars were splashing thru, not realizing that there was a real problem there. Most vehicles turned around and went the other way to keep from going thru the water. One car drowned out on the other side and had to be pushed up into the parking lot. I enjoyed watching!

Audrey and Jason took Richard and me out to the Golden Corral today for lunch. I ate until I thought I would pop! I love the variety they offer and I can't stop myself from sampling a lot of it. I try to only take a large spoonful of each (mostly vegetables) but I end up leaving a plate half full of food. They had steamed zuchini and squash today and I really enjoyed that. After we ate we went to Pilot Oil for gasoline because the sign on the interstate said it was $4.09 a gallon. Of course, it had gone up to $4.19 buy the time we got there. Audrey and Jason were going there too so I called and told them not to bother. Then we stopped at Adam's apartment and picked up his laundry so I am busy this evening! He had about three loads.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

May Block of the Month

This is my Block of the Month for May for the Jewels in the Crown quilt I am making. This one was lots easier than April's block. There are lots of pieces and lots of sewing involved. I am making the entire quilt out of batiks. I am sure that this is a quilt I will only make one of. The designer is posting a block each month for the first six months of the year and then the next six months she will post a block and sashings and borders (oh yes, there is a pieced border). I am certain that I will love it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Shoes and Rosie watching TV

Sunday evening I was watching a TV show about kittens and Rosie came up and noticed. She sat there and watched the kittens for a good ten minutes, even waiting thru commercials for the kittens to come back on. She always looks at the TV to see if there are animals to watch but she has never watched for that long. She seemed to really enjoy it!

Friday afternoon Audrey and I rode the bus to Marmet to get Richard's Dodge Nitro after the windshield was replaced and the car was painted. Just before we got on the bus Audrey looked down and pointed at my feet. "You are wearing two different shoes!" she said, laughing out loud. I sure was, and there was no time to run home to change. I wore them like that the rest of the day. You know, something like that can ruin your confidence! If someone had said something about it I would have said, "I meant to do that," or "I have another pair at home just like them," but nobody did.