Monday, November 14, 2016

Automobile Accident

No, I wasn't in one.  But one happened in front of my house this afternoon, and one of the vehicles hit the house across the street (that I own).  My daughter Audrey and her husband Jason live in the house that was hit.  Audrey was actually in the room that the car hit when it happened.  You see, we live on the corner of Seventh Avenue and Bream Street on the west side of Charleston, WV.  I live on the southeast corner and Audrey lives on the northwest corner.  The trouble is that this part of Bream Street is one-way, and the car came up the wrong way going pretty fast.  There was a pickup truck coming down Seventh Avenue and they met at the intersection, with both of them heading for Audrey's house.  There were two posts set deep in the ground on the corner because this has happened before, but the car sheered off the left post and hit the corner of the house.  The truck bent the other post over but it kept the truck out of the house.  The brick of the house seems to be ok but it took out the gutter downspout and broke a window.  I've already filed a claim with my insurance company.  The wrecker truck pulled up onto the retaining wall at my house and cracked it.  Refer to the pictures.  You can click on them to make them bigger.