Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Wallhanging

This is the spring wallhanging I have been working on today. I got the top finished, now to get it layered and quilted. That makes about three tops I need to quilt, and one king-size quilt I need to bind. I love to piece the tops but the quilting is not the most fun. I got the fabric today at JoAnn Fabrics. Picking out the fabric for a quilt is the hardest part of making one. It's really fun to see it coming together, especially the pattern I used today. You sew together strips of fabric, make a tube, and then cut it apart into rings. Then you open one of the seams in each ring and sew them together. By opening a different one each time it makes the design. It makes a 44" square quilt. This is the fourth one I have made by this pattern.

Richard hasn't been feeling well the past few days, or even longer. I told him I think they need to change his blood pressure meds even if his blood pressure is under control. I'm sure that is what is wrong. He doesn't even feel like eating - so you know he doesn't feel well! Even when I'm really sick I still want to eat.

Damien spent the day with Richard yesterday but I didn't get to see him. I spent the day teaching a class on the Spring Wallhanging quilt to three nice ladies. Their quilts were georgous (of course). I missed getting to see Damien though. He was wearing Big Boy pants the other day but yesterday he was back in Pull-Ups. He seems to be resisting toilet-training. If Richard had him for two days he would not need Pull-Ups any more. Richard and Mom toilet-trained my kids, I didn't have anything to do with it.

I talked to Angie this afternoon. She said Cassie has already gone on maternity leave, even though the baby isn't due for another couple of weeks. I told her to be sure and let us know when the baby is born. She is having another girl.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Debbie finished her Tossed Nine-Patch quilt two days ago so we took both of them to Quilts by Phyllis to be quilted. I also took the other quilt top I had ready. Surprise, Phyllis said that it should only take about two weeks to get them quilted.
We also went to WV Quilts in Barboursville to buy more fabrics to make more quilts. I didn't spend much but I got a lot of fabrics. They are smaller than fat quarters but they are great for my scrap quilts.
We had a nice lunch at Panera Bread at the Huntington Mall. Then we went to Teays Valley to shop at Elder-Beerman where I got t-shirts and cardigans in yummy spring colors, and a new pair of pierced earrings.
I was tired when I got home and spent the evening in my computer chair watching tv. I guess having my heart rate so low makes me tired like this. I see my doctor next Wednesday and I am going to ask him to change my meds.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Damien is here!

Damien is spending the evening with Richard and me. I finally gave him the quilt I made for him last fall. It has choo-choos and planes and all kinds of transportation on it. I had it quilted at Quilts by Phyllis. It has been finished for a while but the label was still laying here. I got the label on just a few minutes before he got here.
Richard brought home a half-flat of strawberries yesterday. Someone sells them behind the hospital on Thursdays when they are in season. I cleaned and sliced them and put sugar and Splenda on them. Then I made some pound cake. Delicious strawberry shortcake for desert today! They came from Plant City, Florida. Many years ago we would be in Florida this time of year and we would always get strawberries from Plant City at the Flea Market. It really makes me miss Mom and Dad.
Adam brought his laundry home a little bit ago and had some time to spend with Damien. We played the new Mario game on the Wii and Damien is as good as Adam is with it, or he will be with practice. It always amazes me the things he can do.
Audrey's mother-in-law is visiting and they put the daybed together for her sleep on. I ran over to KMart and got a new set of sheets. It was a gorgeous day to be out and about. I sat on the porch for a few minutes, but it was shaded and I get so chilled. I can't wait until I can porch-sit as much as I want!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Finish!

Finally got the borders on my Tossed Nine-Patch. I think the black borders add a lot to my quilt. It ended up at 100 inches square. When Debbie finishes her Tossed Nine-Patch we will take them to Quilts by Phyllis to be quilted. I haven't decided yet if I want her to bind it or not. I am going to use the same fabric I used for the sashings for the bindings. I love this quilt! I will have to make another one from this pattern.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Dizziness

I worked at Viking yesterday and the dizziness didn't bother me much. This morning though I want to fall forward and to the right when I walk around. Thank heavens I can hang onto walls and furniture. I still think it's my inner ear because my nose is stopped up this morning and my ears are popping.

While I was at work yesterday I got the inner borders on my Yellow Brick Road quilt and also the outer border on the top and bottom. If I feel able to today I am going to get that one finished to flimsy so I can think about how I am going to quilt it. I still need to put the border on my Tossed Nine-Patch. That can wait a couple of days because Debbie Canterbury is making one too and she is still putting her blocks together. She is thinking about her border though. When they are both done we will take them to Quilts by Phyllis for quilting. This is Debbie's first bed-sized quilt. I am so proud of her!
The picture today is of my baby-sized quilts on display at work. I will be teaching a class on this pattern on March 27 at the shop. This is a fun quilt to make and I made three to show how different they look made in different fabrics. It is easy to piece and easy to quilt. There has been a lot of interest so we will probably do this class again later.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dizzy Spells

I have been having dizzy spells yesterday and today. I am all right if I keep my head straight but if I have to lean over I nearly fall. I think sinuses are affecting my ears causing this problem. I still have my appetite - nothing affects my appetite.

I was going to put the borders on the Tossed Nine-Patch and Yellow Brick Road quilts today but I think that had better wait a while. I do need to get a project ready to take to work with me tomorrow. I hate to have nothing to do. I do have a special project in mind but I can't mention it because it will be a gift for someone else.

I put a picture of my Yellow Brick Road on here today. I can't say I will never make this quilt again, but I didn't enjoy making it. Maybe I need a pattern to stretch me more.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

My first blog post

This blog will contain my thoughts on sewing and quilting, kitty cats, and anything I happen to be into at the time.

Richard and I visited Southridge WalMart and Sam's Club this morning and spent a fortune in cat food and litter. At least I can wait a while before buying more. It is getting more and more expensive keeping cats. The worst part is they are finicky, they will eat something once and then never again. And I swear Sam only eats so he can puke. I am cleaning it up after every feeding.

I am currently making a quilt by Eleanor Burns, Tossed Nine-Patch. I have it all together except for the outer border. I can't decide how wide to make it. I will take it and another flimsy I just finished, Bonnie K. Hunter's Carolina Christmas, to the long arm next week I hope. My Carolina Christmas is not a Christmas quilt, not done in Christmas colors. I did it in pinks and blues, with gold and lots of background whites. I probably should rename it. I made a Yellow Brick Road out of yellows and blues and it is ready for its borders. I will be quilting it myself, as it is a baby or lap quilt. I won't quilt any bigger than that. I figure my time is better spent piecing the quilt tops.