Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have definitely neglected this blog as of late! I hope to not do that again. I have certain blogs that I read regularly and I hate when they don't bother to post new entries! And now here I am doing that very thing!
Here is a picture of the quilt I am currently working on. Bonnie K. Hunter has posted this quilt on her blog since the middle of November, as a mystery. She would post one clue a week and her followers would work like crazy on that clue, so as to be caught up when the next clue was posted. She has now posted the entire quilt pattern and I bogged down at the end. I finally (today!) finished the center of the quilt and took this picture. I still need to trim the edges and sew on the inner border, which will probably be the brown half-square triangles around the blocks. After the brown inner border I have an entire pieced border to put on the quilt. I have the blocks pieced for the border already but not sewn together, so I still have quite a bit of work left to do before I can call this quilt finished. It is a beautiful quilt and I am glad I made it, but I did not like making the string blocks, and I don't think I would do that again. This is a heavy quilt top, with all these small pieces and lots and lots of seams! This quilt is totally out of my stash, in fact, mostly out of my scrap bins. I love making scrap quilts, not buying any fabric for them.
The other picture shows my quilt with Sam checking it out. I think he approves of it! He loves to get his picture taken.