Saturday, September 29, 2012

End of summer and a guest in the house!

My impatiens in the front yard were looking really bad so I pulled them out today after the WVU game.  Richard was cutting the grass so I said it was time for them to go.  When he got dome with our grass he cut the grass over at Audrey's house.  He said probably one more cutting this year.  I would like to get some winter pansies or something to have in this bed for the winter.

We had our cardiac workout this evening.  Rosie came running in here and I heard a little squeal along with the sound of running feet.  I knew immediately that there was a mouse in the house!  I yelled for Richard (who said Nonsense!!!) and started moving things around.  Then I saw it!  The biggest mouse I have ever, ever seen!  Richard put his shoes on and as I moved things it ran out of my room and into the living room.  Richard saw it then.  I think he thought I was crazy!  He put his shoes on and we went after it.  I gave him the broom and started moving the sofa and loveseat away from the walls.  It ran around back and forth and even right under my feet!  I am wearing fleece socks so I stepped on the toe of one of my socks and almost fell flat on the floor.  And then Richard said open the door!  So I propped the storm door open and moved the sofa and Richard banged on it with the broom and it ran out the door!  I was never so happy so see a guest leave my home!  We can't figure out how it came in.  It couldn't have been here long, because with five cats (even cats who would never kill a mouse) I am sure I would know if a mouse was here for very long.  Now I am paranoid about finding another mouse (or two) and keeping my feet up off the floor.  By the way, Richard said that judging from the size of it, that mouse was pregnant.