Saturday, December 4, 2010

Damien was here last night!

Here are pictures of Damien and Richard playing Rockem-Sockem Robots last night. They had a real good time playing with these and lego blocks and a lot of other toys. Damien and I played Mario on the Wii for hours. He is getting really good playing Mario, although I still have to carry him along sometimes. He gets to places he thinks he can't do it and makes me do it instead. When I am not there he is able to get thru these areas. It's the first time he was here for quite a while and we were shocked at how big he is! I bought him two new shirts and pants at JC Penney the other day and thought I got them too big but I didn't. I sent one outfit home with him and kept one here. Tiffany said he can still wear the boots I got him last winter, in fact had just grown into them. I knew I got them too big, but he could wear two pairs of socks with them. We love having him stop by.

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