Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cute video about the cold weather and picture of my new quilt

I found this video on another blog and thought it was funny.  As I write this there is snow (again!) on the grass and roofs and cars.  The street and sidewalks are just wet.  The temperature is about 32 degrees.  Richard has been put on snow patrol tonight from 11pm to 7am.  He will be at work for the day at 7am so I hope he won't be called out too early.  He works at the hospital in maintenance and he and his coworkers have been given the job of snow removal.  Thank heavens, they broke them up into three crews so he hasn't had to go so often.

The weather should be cleared up before I go to work tomorrow at 1pm.  I am supposed to teach a class on the Double Pinwheel Quilt at 2pm and another at 6pm.  I designed this quilt in quilt software on my computer, called EQ7.  I picked two blocks that looked really good together and put a border around them.  I had the fabrics in my stash already.  We haven't taught any creative classes since November.  We usually drop the classes during the holidays and this year we held off because of the cold and snowy winter.  We scheduled this class hoping spring would have arrived. 
Double Pinwheel Quilt

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