Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Day After Surgery

I didn't need any pain meds yesterday.  Last night I slept better than I have in years.  I only got up once to go to the bathroom, at 5:30.  It hurt to raise my head from the pillow.  I ignored it and went back to bed and slept some more.  When I got up for the morning I knew I had to have pain meds.  It's not the incision that hurts - it is all the muscles in my neck that hold my head up.  Richard said they probably had my head at a strange angle during the surgery.  It feels like I have been beaten about my head and shoulders.  I haven't taken any more pain meds today.  My neck was swollen at the incision and I had to hold an ice pack on it.  That's when we realized that our ice maker in the freezer has gone kablooey.  Seems like there is always something or other to work on.

Adam broke a tooth off at the gumline this weekend.  I'm sure that is going to cost us.

Richard has been feeling bad ever since he retired.  He hurt his back during his last week at work and that has bothered him a lot.  He also complains of stomach problems.  He is eating a lot of antacids.  He has taken good care of me the last two days.

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