Sunday, April 26, 2015

My Blue Heaven Finished To Flimsy

This is the quilt I have worked on most of the winter.  It is called My Blue Heaven and it is a free pattern from Bonnie K. Hunter's  It is now a flimsy, that is, a quilt top that has not been sandwiched with batting and backing and quilted.  I am piecing the backing from 10 1/2" squares of blue fabric from my stash.  This entire quilt is from my stash.  I will have to buy the batting and pay for the quilting but other than that it hasn't cost me anything.  During the winter it was so cold out in my sewing room that I sat up a table in the living room in front of the picture window with my Opal sewing machine on it.  I did most all of the sewing of the blocks right there in front of that window, watching the snow come down.  I thought making this quilt would use a lot of my blue fabric stash but I really don't miss much at all.  I have three bins of blues just like I did when I started.  As soon as I get the backing pieced I will give the whole thing to Vonda Cochran, my favorite long arm quilter.

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