Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CAMC Awards Dinner

Richard and I attended the CAMC Awards Dinner this evening. Richard was honored for being employed by CAMC for thirty years. There were quite a few people who had thirty years in, a pretty good sized list of people with thirty-five years and forty years, and even two people who had worked there for forty-five years! I figure they started working there as very young teenagers! Richard received a very nice certificate, and he was able to choose a $400 gift card from a bunch of items he was offered. We had dinner with 900 people. They served prime rib (not too bloody - but very chewy) and Chicken Marsala (which was delicious). They had steamed squash, green beans and roasted potatoes. I would have enjoyed the veggies had they been hot, but they weren't. They also served a green salad and a pasta salad. I saw several desserts but I only tried Oreo pie. After dinner Richard had to go up on stage to receive his certificate from the CEO of the hospital. We left soon after. Richard needed to visit the restroom so we just slipped out.

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