Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is my Yellow Brick Road quilt. It is lap-sized, perfect to throw over the back of the sofa and use to cover your legs when you are chilly. I got the quilting done yesterday and the binding applied. It still needs the binding sewn down by hand but I will do that on Election day when I am working at the polls. The pattern uses seemingly random squares and rectangles all jumbled together. I decided to machine-quilt 1/4" around the inside of each block. I didn't enjoy making the quilt, it just wasn't much fun. But I really enjoyed quilting it. Of course, I can't take a picture of a quilt without a cat holding it down. They have to sample all the quilts. That's Sam stealing the scene.
Angie called as soon as Cassie's baby was born but she wasn't sure of the name yet. I haven't talked to her since. I hope they liked the baby quilt I made for her and the two little sleepers I got at Elder-Beerman. I wish we had a little girl to spoil. I would love to make frilly little clothes for her. I heard the cutest name for a girl the other day. I told Audrey she needed to have a girl and name her Calliana Rose. Isn't that georgous??? She could be called Callie for short.
Richard saw the doctor on Tuesday and I made sure he told him that he wasn't feeling good. The doctor changed his blood pressure med from Avapro to Norvasc. I hope it helps. You can tell when he doesn't feel well - he sits around all the time doing nothing. He is ordinarily a busy person.
After seeing the doctor we went looking for a sport jacket for Richard to wear to the Awards dinner that will be held on the 20th. We went to all the best places and nothing seemed right or fit well. I got the idea to look for a zip-up jacket to wear with a dress shirt and tie and that would be fancy enough. We ended up a Kelley's Men's Shop where he tried on a burgundy blazer that we both fell in love with. I would never have even tried burgundy but I love it on him. It cost $195 but alterations are free and it did need some work. That is why we didn't like any of the other jackets we looked at, nothing seemed to fit him right. Kelley's has to take in the shoulders and let out the waist, and maybe shorten the sleeves. I told Richard he needs a pink shirt to wear with it. That would match my outfit for the dinner, a flowered pink jacket, a white knit shell and white slacks. I think I will have Audrey take some pictures of us before we go.

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