Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Damien was here today!

Damien's other grandmother called last night and asked me to keep him today while Mike (Damien's other grandfather) and Tiffany (Damien's mother) saw doctors. He got here about 9:30 this morning and stayed until 3pm. We had a real good time playing with his toys. We played Mario on the Wii and played with his cars and played Mario and did I mention that we played Mario? We wore the Mario game out today. And he can't play by himself - he needs Mamaw to get him thru the hard parts. Unfortunately, Mamaw needs help too. It didn't make any difference; we had fun anyway. He really makes me feel my age.
I took him across the street to Jeff's yard and let him play on the swings but he really wanted to get in the pool. It looked nice and clean so I let him go in. He loved playing with all the pool toys and had no fear of the water.
I really enjoyed having him with me for the day but he wore me out! When he left I stretched out on the sofa and actually fell asleep! I awoke a few minutes later to the sounds of one of the cats upchucking. After cleaning up the mess I decided to put dinner off until later. When Richard came in he said just order pizza but I didn't feel like pizza. We ordered sandwiches from Domino's (because they deliver) and they were really good. I think we will get them again.

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