Sunday, November 14, 2010


Since the twin house around back burned last April it has been sitting there with the windows covered (mostly). Some man bought it and has worked in it two days in the last month or so. We started seeing rats about two months ago tunnelling in the yard between the houses (the houses are only ten feet apart). Richard said they were under our house. We have killed a total of six rats so far. We bought two rat traps at Lowe's and caught a rat the first day we had them out there. After that, the rats ate the bait but the traps did not spring. We then bought a heavy duty rat trap and caught several with it. But -- a couple of nights ago I was awoken at 4am and I thought one of my cats was rolling a ball around my room, so I got up with my flashlight shining around. I couldn't find any cats in there so I figured it was a rat under the house. The trap was set just inside the opening under the house and that is right under my bed. Anyway, I told Richard about it first thing in the morning and he went to get it. He said it wasn't there, so he went further under the house looking for it. He found it about 15 feet from where it should be with the rat still alive. He didn't want to get it with bare hands so he went back later. He couldn't find it! He hasn't found it yet! Tom lent him a trap that he tied down with a rope. Hopefully, no more rats will get away now. I talked to the city a couple of weeks ago but I am going to call them again.

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