Sunday, February 27, 2011

I got EQ7!!!

The other day EQ7 arrived at my door! For those of you who are not quilty, EQ7 is Electric Quilt 7, which is software to design my own quilts. I have wanted it since it came out last year. The pictures show a quilt I designed and made. I call it Spring At Last! and isn't it springy? When actually making the quilt I found that I did not have enough of the purple fabric to make the border so I skipped that part. I bound it in the same green I used in the sashing. It still has the binder clips on it for now because I will be taking it with me on election day to do the hand sewing. I am very excited about having EQ7 and I have already designed and saved several quilts, which may or may not ever be made. The more I work with it the more I learn. So far all I have done is combine blocks and put sashings and borders around them. There is so more more the program can do!

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