Saturday, November 19, 2011

I have been ignoring this blog for way too long. Life intervenes, you know!
Notice that I have changed the picture at the top. That is Sascha, curled up asleep on a pile of clothes. Kitty cats need lots of sleep! I'll bet they sleep at least 22 hours a day. Every morning they get me out of bed so I can feed them then they all go right to sleep. Eat, sleep, use the litter box. My cats are too old to play much, and definitely not with each other! They can barely tolerate each other's presence in the house. They used to play together but not for years now.

I baked this raisin pie for Richard today. He loves raisin pie but he never gets any. I found the recipe on the web and it looked pretty easy so there it is! I decided not to make it for Thanksgiving, so I made it today. I won't eat it, I don't like raisins. I hate the texture when you bite into them, although I will eat raisins straight out of the box. I just hate raisins baked in anything. I cringe at the thought of eating muffins or anything with raisins in it. The pie baked up beautifully and smelled really good. Richard said it was a little too sweet, that raisins have their own sugar, so the next time I will cut back a little on the sweetness. It was good to bake again, I used to bake all the time but not recently at all. I am cooking our Thanksgiving meal this week. Richard has decided to work the holiday so I am not going all-out for our meal. I have a turkey and stuffing and all the rest, but I am not really cooking much from scratch.

Bonnie Hunter has started a new mystery quilt on her blog, called Orca Bay. Naturally, I am participating in this mystery. I am doing my quilt in dark blues, medium greens, yellows to golds, with neutral backgrounds. She is going to post a new clue to the mystery every Friday, starting yesterday. I have about half of yesterday's clue made so far. I hope to keep up with Bonnie every week. Will post pictures along the way.

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