Saturday, November 26, 2011

Orca Bay Mystery Quilt - Part 1

Bonnie Hunter is doing a new mystery quilt on her blog. It is called Orca Bay and she posted the first clue last Friday. I have been all week getting this done. In the picture I show my first clue all finished. I am doing my quilt in medium greens and dark blues with yellows (sort of gold) as an accent and of course neutral backgrounds. Here are my greens and neutral backgrounds in 224 quarter square triangles, pinned together in groups of 10. They only measure 2 1/2' square and Bonnie says they will be scattered all over the quilt. Now I have to make 72 3 1/2" string blocks in my yellows. I hope to post each clue to my blog whenever I get one finished. I hope to be able to keep up and get each clue finished each week. Here is a link to the mystery quilt

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