Sunday, June 3, 2012

Finished Orca Bay - Now Called Almost Heaven!

My Orca Bay quilt is finished - and I have changed the name of it to Almost Heaven.  It uses the colors that I see every time I go out my door here in Charleston, West Virginia.  The greens are the grasses and leaves on the trees, the blues are in the skies and my daughter's front door across the street, the yellows are painted on the street and curbs, and all the other colors are in the flowers and everything else.  I have known for quite a while that I needed to do a green and blue quilt and this is it.  It actually is more green than it looks in the photo.  It will be hanging in the Viking Sewing Gallery booth at the WV Quilters Quilt Show, held June 21 thru 23 in Summersville, WV.  Every quilt I make I seem to think that it is my favorite but this one truly is my favorite.

Adam will be moving into the little house across the street behind my brother's house this week.  We are very happy to have him moving back to Charleston from Nitro, where he has been for about four years now.  He thinks he can come over for dinner every evening, but I have news for him - I don't cook so often any more!  It will be great to have him close by, and hopefully he'll see Damian more often since he will be so much closer.

Another near neighbor moved out today; she'll be missed in the neighborhood.  The Sigman's who live two houses up the street have their property up for sale.  They have been here longer than I have, and I have been here since 1966.

My brother is putting in an above-ground pool in the yard directly across they street from us.  He has been leveling the ground today.  I guess he has forgotten that Dad buried two dogs and one of my cats right there.  I can hardly stand to watch them work on it.

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