Sunday, April 29, 2012

Odds and ends

I can't believe it has been so long since I posted to this blog.  You know, life happens while you aren't looking.  I guess I haven't looked around for a while.  I just thought I would add some odds and ends.

The first picture shows Rosie and Sam laying on my bed.  This is as close as any of my cats want to be to each other.  They hiss and spit if any of them happen to come too close.  I don't know why they are like that, since Sam, Sascha and Rosie came from the same litter.

Audrey and Jason are having a problem with identity theft.  They went to Taco Bell yesterday and their debit card was declined.  They knew they had money in the account so they came home and checked it.  Found out that someone had charged three purchases totalling about $1000 at Best Buy in Maryland.  They are now trying to control the problem.  I have decided not to use a card anywhere that they take the card out of my sight, like at a sit-down restaurant.  Audrey thinks this may be what happened to them. 

The second picture is the quilt I just finished.  I actually made the quilt maybe a year ago but I just finished the binding on it yesterday.  I gave the quilt to my brother, Jeff.  I hope he likes it.

I am still looking (off and on) for a new car.  I hate the thought of making car payments but I guess I am going to have to.  I still haven't found one that I wouldn't mind paying for.  All the new cars cost $5000 more than they shou.ld.  I think I will put it off as long as possible. 

Adam may be moving in across the street from us soon.  They told him he can rent the house, but I will believe it when he actually moves in.  He will be close so he can have meals with us and Damien lives only a few blocks away so they can be together much more often.  It's a tiny house but plenty big enough for Adam.  The rent is a little more than he is paying in Nitro but it will be worth it to have him so close.

I also want to wish Pat a Happy Birthday

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