Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Echoes of Summer

Echoes of Summer is what I chose to call this quilt.  The first picture is the EQ7 rendition and the second is the quilt I made from the pattern.  The third picture shows a corner close up.  I really like this quilt and I think it will be an excellent class to teach at work this fall.  I used the Easy Angle ruler to make the half-square triangles and that is something that people own but don't know how it use it.  I will demo the ruler and teach how to use it, and also show them the old way of making half-square triangles.  This is the same block repeated but turned in different directions.  I made my quilt four blocks wide by four blocks long.  Each block calls for four half-square triangles and five four-patches, for a total of 64 half-square triangles and 80 four-patches.  It takes a little time to get all the pieces done and then to put the blocks together and then place the blocks in rows going the right direction.  I thought it was fun to make.  I can see that by changing the colors (switching darks and lights) the quilt could look totally different.  I may need to do some experimenting with that.

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