Tuesday, March 5, 2013

No pictures yet - computer trouble

I have been having trouble with my PC for some time.  It was s-l-o-w to do anything, and some things it would not do at all.  Then Saturday morning I got the BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!  Richard said he knew then that I had big trouble.  I went on to work and he and Adam worked on my computer.  He called me a little later and said my CPU and motherboard were toast.  So they ordered these parts from Newegg.com and spent about $134 instead of $700 or more on a new computer.  I this fixes the problem.  I am using my old laptop and although it works it is not what I am used to and I don't have all my programs on it.  I use it for Skype and embroidery and Electric Quilt.  Richard says the parts will come tomorrow and he will get busy on it, so maybe my next post will be from the PC.  Meanwhile, he has not had any emails from Newegg so no tracking number or anything.  I can't believe they don't email their customers.

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