Friday, November 8, 2013

Fabrics Chosen for Mystery Quilt

Bonnie Hunter posts a mystery quilt on her blog every year starting the day after Thanksgiving.  This year it is called Celtic Solstice and she has already posted the fabric requirements.  Like all her followers, I have already pulled my fabrics for this quilt.  She will post a new clue every week for six to eight weeks, finishing with a large quilt.  I love to do these mysteries because I always learn a lot.  This year her colors are blue, orange, green, yellow, and neutral.  She always does her quilts in scrappy fabrics so here are the ones I chose.  My fabrics are probably a little lighter and brighter than the ones Bonnie shows on her blog.  She actually went to Lowes and got paint chips to show her exact colors.  Many of her followers went to Lowes and got the exact same chips to use to choose their colors.  I would not want to be that precise.  I want my quilt to be mine, not anyone else's.  Ok, Bonnie, I'm ready!  Let the games begin!

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