Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Solstice Clue 2

Here is a picture of my completed Celtic Solstice Clue 2.  These 100 blocks were not hard to make but they were time-consuming.  After I got them finished today I heard of another way to make them - an easier way.  I pieced each piece, but another blog, showed how to do it by strip-piecing it.  If I had known that I would have done it that way.  However, I got them done and now look forward to the next clue, slated to go live on Friday morning.  I do love the colors together.  The yellow seems to strike sparks off the green, and with the white is very pleasing to the eye.  I can't wait to put these together with my dark purples and hot pinks.


  1. Your blocks look great. I wish I had found the strip piecing directions earlier too! My blocks are not all even but hopefully once I trim them up it will all come together well.

    1. I had to trim all mine. They seemed to all be heavy on the right side. At least they were all big enough.