Saturday, January 18, 2014

Second Cataract Surgery

I finally had cataract surgery on my right eye on Friday morning.  Surgery went well, just like before, with no pain.  They taped a protective cage overy my eye and we left to get lunch.  After lunch we visited Pat and Fred in Kanawha City until my appointment with the doctor for another check on my eye.  I thought my vision was cloudy but the doctor was happy with it.  We went home and I rested the rest of the day.  And then I decided to go out into my sewing room.  I flipped the light on and stepped down into the room and - holy crap! - jumped right back into the computer room!  I carefully looked back out into the sewing room and my yellow and white room was blue! Very cool blue!  Evidently this new lens is tinted!  My left eye sees colors brighter than they were but really the same colors, but my right eye sees everything bluer than it did before.  Richard said my fluorescent bulbs in the sewing room are cool white, and I notice now that all fluorescents seem bluer to me.  I really can see much better with the new lens, but now I wonder how I will do when I choose fabrics and colors for a quilt.  I guess over time I will come to terms with it, but right now I check everything with one eye and then the other.  I wasn't told this could happen.  I have known since August that I needed cataract surgery and have talked with many people about it, almost all of them telling me I will be very happy with it.  No one said it could change colors completely.  I don't want more surgery so I hope I can learn to live with it.

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