Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Quilt Finish and September Lunch Bunch

Green/Blue Boxy Stars Quilt
I just finished this quilt.  It is called Boxy Stars and is found on Bonnie K. Hunter's website  It is one of the many free patterns Bonnie has given us.  For this quilt I alternated green and blue blocks.  The way I colored this one makes the boxes show up far more than the stars.  This one will be a Christmas gift for someone who may read my blog so I won't name that person.  I liked doing this pattern so much that I actually made two more:  the second one is in Christmas colors and the third one in purple and yellow.  The Christmas quilt is almost finished, I am about halfway around doing the hand sewing on the binding.  I will post a picture in the next day or two when I finish it.  The purple and yellow quilt is currently a quilt top and the batting and backing is ready for pin basting, which I will do as quickly as possible.  It will also be a Christmas gift.

Front row:  Jean Alford and Lynn Gray.  Back row:  Me, Pam Hyre, Mary Igo, Lois Pendleberry, and Kathleen Gross.
This picture was taken today at our September luncheon, held at Panera Bread in Charleston, WV.  This bunch of women (and there are more of them) makes pillowcases for two hospitals in our area for children who are admitted.  We give each hospital 40 pillowcases a month.  We try to meet for lunch once a month to plan for sew-ins where we provide pillowcase kits and show anyone who want to how to make a pillowcase.  Sew Many Blessings, a quilt shop in Huntington, WV, had a sew-in a couple of weeks ago and about 270 pillowcases were made and donated.  We are very happy to have their participation. 

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  1. I like your quilt so much! It is absolutely obvious that it took a lot of efforts to complete it. A combination of green and blue is wonderful!