Sunday, September 27, 2015

Christmas Quilt Finished

Christmas Boxy Stars
This is my Christmas Quilt (did you see the previous post, where I talked about this quilt?).  I finished the binding this afternoon so I thought I would post pictures.  It is also made from the Boxy Stars pattern.  While I was making the Green/Blue Boxy Stars I figured out how to use the colors to make the stars show up.  This is the first quilt made that way.  I used reds and greens with white background.  The border is an older Christmas print that has been in my stash for ages.  The backing is a Christmas kittycat print that I had been holding for far too long.  The binding is a solid red with gold sparkles.

Christmas Boxy Stars with the corner turned back to show the backing fabric
While binding this quilt I thought about how perfect the design would be for a tree skirt.  I will use nine squares (instead of twelve) and leave one side open to go around the tree trunk.  I can't wait to get started on it!


  1. A gorgeous Christmas quilt! I really like your adaptation - can see it red white and blue, too. I invite you to link to WIPs Be Gone to share this beautiful quilt - we like to see the "gone" part too.

  2. Yes, my sewing buddy and I decided we liked the idea of blue stars with red accents. I will probably do that one too. Thanks for looking!

  3. Absolutely stunning Christmas quilt! I think it was a great idea to turn back a corners of Christmas stars to show the backing of a fabric!