Sunday, January 17, 2016

Got my Allietare Blocks Together

This is my version of Bonnie K. Hunter's Allietare (mystery quilt).  I put my blocks together and just today I finished putting the rows together.  This mystery was started the day after Thanksgiving when Bonnie posted the first clue.  I worked on it diligently and kept up (for the most part) except for Christmas week when I fell a little behind.  The next clue was an easy one so I quickly caught up again.  Bonnie posted the last clue (the reveal!) on New Year's Eve and I got busy finishing it up.  So here it is - my Allietare.  (Allietare means "celebrate" in Italian.)  I still need to decide what to use for the narrow inner border and then the wider outer border.  I am thinking gold for the inner border and the dark, mottled red from the quilt for the outer border, if I can get more.  The red was the only fabric bought for this quilt; everything else came from stash.  I think I would like to also use the red for the back of the quilt.  I bought that fabric at JoAnn Fabrics so I hope I can get more. 

Our annual quilt retreat will be held on January 29, 30 and 31 this year.  Debbie Canterbury and I have decided to make another design by Bonnie Hunter called Boxy Stars.  I have made several from this pattern but I see so many different ways to make it that I just can't stop!  Debbie is doing hers in red, white and blue and I am calling the stars flowers and each flower will be a different fabric.  I am using green for my accent color, green for leaves.  I already have mine kitted up and ready to take to the retreat, which will be at Cedar Lakes Conference Center in Ripley, WV.  We are very happy to get to go again this year because Viking will not sponser it any more.  Linda Banker has decided to do it on her own and Debbie and I have promised to help her all we can.  Really looking forward to it and hoping the weather cooperates.  We don't mind if it snows but please not until we get there!  In fact, snow a lot then and snow us in so we have to stay a few extra days!

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  1. I am glad for you that you have found even more ways to complete this interesting and inquiring job! I wish that your every beginning is blessed by God!