Monday, May 10, 2010

We made quilts for Downy!

Saturday was Downy Quilts day at Viking. A bunch of us got together to make quilts for the Children's Miracle Network thru Downy Fabric Softener. We had made some quilttops earlier so the quilters could start on them first thing that day. Others of us made more quilttops to be quilted. I don't know the final number yet but I heard that ten quilts were finished and another ten were waiting to be quilted. Several of us took kits home to make (I made three more on Sunday) so there will be plenty more. You see, Downy will send a kit to any quilter that wants to make one, and then they hope you will make up that one and another one out of your stash. I donated some of my stash to this effort and I have made (so far) a total of eleven quilttops for them. I think this is a wonderful way to give back. All the quilts are made from the same pattern (which is a really simple pattern) and in fabrics that kids will love. Some of the quilts I saw featured cats, dogs, horses, seashells, bugs, frogs, all in bright, beautiful colors. The first photo missed a few people because we didn't think to get everyone together until some had already left. The second shows some of our quilters hard at work. The third is one of the quilts I had made up ahead of time. Linda ordered pizza for everyone and some of the girls had brought cookies for dessert. Besides getting a lot done, a good time was had by all!

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