Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eleanor Burns!

See who we met today on the Shophop? Eleanor Burns, that's who! How exciting! Actually we were at a quilt shop in Parkersburg when we spied a life-sized cardboard image of Eleanor. We immediately cozied up with her and had our pictures taken! We visited 12 quilt shops in the last two days, went over 500 miles. We still have 4 shops to visit tomorrow. Good news is: one of our girls, Tammy, won the daily prize from a quilt shop in Logan, Ohio! Good going, Tammy! She will receive a basket full of quilty things, fabric and patterns and sewing tools. We are so happy for Tammy!

The photo of my friends having lunch was taken today at the Wild Horse Cafe in Pomeroy, Ohio. Great restaurant, gotta eat there again! We had a table outside by the Ohio River, where the weather was terrific. I took the other two pictures of the river, one looking towards Gallipolis and the other one looking the other way. If I have any control over how the pictures show up in this blog I don't know how, so I just have to describe them. By the way, these photos were all taken with my iphone.

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