Saturday, July 23, 2011

Eyesore of the neighborhood

This is the house next door to mine. We have tried to buy this house from the owner for at least twenty years, and Dad tried to buy it before that. Mary Thomas, the owner, just refuses to talk to us about it. She is now very elderly, very ill, and in a nursing home. I spoke with her niece recently who told me that she is very contrary and refuses to do anything. She said she would help me if she could but Ms. Thomas will not even discuss it. She didn't pay the property tax on the house last year. I found out that the City of Charleston has a lien against it for unpaid fees (sanitary, fire) even though it has been vacant for years. We used to put the clapboards back on it but we have quit doing that. Richard cuts the grass but that is all we will do. I just hope the city will tear it down. All the other homes in the neighborhood are kept neat and tidy with flowers planted and grass mowed.

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