Monday, March 26, 2012

This is Sascha

I am going to profile each of my kitties, starting now with Sascha. I don't remember exactly how old she is, probably around eight years old. I also have two of her litter mates. Sascha is my predatory kitty; she will catch (and play with) any mice or bugs in the house. Three times she has caught a mouse and brought it to me. Once she left a dead mouse under my computer chair. I only noticed it because I rolled its blood all over the floor! Another time she brought the mouse to me in bed, dropped it on me and it took off across the bed with Sascha in hot pursuit! I jumped up to see what was going on. She doesn't really kill them; they usually die of heart failure. She likes feathers and furry toys the best. She really didn't like posing for me here on the computer desk. She would turn her head every time the flash went off. Sascha loves to lay in the sunbeam and will claim any open window. Her fur is very soft and much like a plush carpet. This kitty is tempermental and will snap when she feels threatened. Adam sets her off every time he is here, he tries to pet her and she ends up hissing at him and running away. He is the only one she treats like that. She and her sister and brother were nearly feral when we brought them inside. It is only recently that she has starting sitting on my lap. I didn't think she would ever do that. She definitely won't sit on anyone else's lap!

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  1. Great profile of Sascha. She is definitely earning her keep. Her story made me smile today.