Sunday, March 14, 2010

Dizzy Spells

I have been having dizzy spells yesterday and today. I am all right if I keep my head straight but if I have to lean over I nearly fall. I think sinuses are affecting my ears causing this problem. I still have my appetite - nothing affects my appetite.

I was going to put the borders on the Tossed Nine-Patch and Yellow Brick Road quilts today but I think that had better wait a while. I do need to get a project ready to take to work with me tomorrow. I hate to have nothing to do. I do have a special project in mind but I can't mention it because it will be a gift for someone else.

I put a picture of my Yellow Brick Road on here today. I can't say I will never make this quilt again, but I didn't enjoy making it. Maybe I need a pattern to stretch me more.

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