Friday, March 19, 2010

Damien is here!

Damien is spending the evening with Richard and me. I finally gave him the quilt I made for him last fall. It has choo-choos and planes and all kinds of transportation on it. I had it quilted at Quilts by Phyllis. It has been finished for a while but the label was still laying here. I got the label on just a few minutes before he got here.
Richard brought home a half-flat of strawberries yesterday. Someone sells them behind the hospital on Thursdays when they are in season. I cleaned and sliced them and put sugar and Splenda on them. Then I made some pound cake. Delicious strawberry shortcake for desert today! They came from Plant City, Florida. Many years ago we would be in Florida this time of year and we would always get strawberries from Plant City at the Flea Market. It really makes me miss Mom and Dad.
Adam brought his laundry home a little bit ago and had some time to spend with Damien. We played the new Mario game on the Wii and Damien is as good as Adam is with it, or he will be with practice. It always amazes me the things he can do.
Audrey's mother-in-law is visiting and they put the daybed together for her sleep on. I ran over to KMart and got a new set of sheets. It was a gorgeous day to be out and about. I sat on the porch for a few minutes, but it was shaded and I get so chilled. I can't wait until I can porch-sit as much as I want!

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