Thursday, April 7, 2011

More Damage Than We Knew

We found out today that we had more storm damage than we knew about. Shingles off our roof hit Richard's car in the middle of the windshield and slid across making deep scratches. There were some scratches in the paint also on the hood and the left fender. The insurance adjuster came to look at the roof and we showed him the car. He said our car insurance would take care of that, so we filed a claim with them too.

The insurance adjuster said that as bad as our roof was from the storm, there was worse hail damage we knew nothing about. We have hopes they will help us get a new roof. He said he will call me Sunday evening to give us the information. We have to take Richard's car to Turnpike Ford in Marmet on Tuesday about our claim for the windshield damage. That is going to end up costing us because we have a $250 deductible. I figure all they will do is replace the windshield.

My tulips are blooming! I have been looking forward to this for months. After these spring flowers are finished I will plant impatiens there. I wish impatiens smelled as good as the spring flowers! I planted onion sets today, fifty green onions and fifty sweet onions. I also planted leaf lettuce seeds, so in a month and a half I will be eating wilted lettuce! I can taste it now, so delicious! I have not grown onions and leaf lettuce in several years so I can't wait! We went up to meet the strawberry lady this afternoon but she wasn't there. The Florida strawberries may be finished. I hope not.

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