Monday, April 4, 2011


This is a chunk of our roof! I heard sounds from the roof with the first big wind I heard. Richard and I were watching the storm when we heard a crash! and I knew the porch roof from the house behind us was gone again. Several years ago their first porch roof was taken off by wind. It was like ours, then replaced by a flat roof. The second roof was found in nearly the same place the first roof was found. I knew what it was when I heard it. We went out back to look around and Richard found the big chunk of our roof. We have been talking about getting a new roof but now I think we need to make it a priority. We are going to call for estimates tomorrow. I wonder if Homeowner's insurance would pay??? I think I will give them a call tomorrow also. Richard said we should feel lucky that the roof was applied over the first roof, which is still there, so I guess we don't need to worry about the roof leaking. There goes our income tax refund!

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