Wednesday, April 13, 2011

When it rains, it pours!

We had enough excitement last night to last us for years to come! At 12:45 am I awoke to a big CRASH! I looked out my bedroom window because I heard voices out that way, and there was a young black male running down Bream Street, calling out to someone ahead of him. Richard then yelled to tell me that there was a car in our front yard so I went arunning. The guys down Bream Street were the occupants of the car, which they abandoned. Turns out, they had just done an armed robbery on Central Avenue and the car had guns in it. I think they were going very fast and wiped out somehow on Seventh Avenue and started up in our yard on the driveway. They barely missed my car and then swung around the other direction, taking out the end of the porch awning and the chain link fence completely from the front of the house. Our little shrubs were smashed flat. Our rose of sharon tree was broken in half and will have to be removed. We are lucky they missed our cars and our house. I don't know yet if they have been caught. UPDATE! They were caught only a block away from our house. These violent individuals should be put away forever!

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  1. It’s still a good thing that nobody got hurt in this incident. That car must’ve been running full speed before it crashed to the fence. Things might have gotten worse if that post was struck by that car.