Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fog in Charleston

Richard and I had to take his Dodge Nitro to Turnpike Ford on Monday to get the windshield replaced. I drove my car up to bring him back. It was a beautiful morning on the West Side but look at the fog on the East End! I just had to grab my phone and take pictures as I was driving along at 60 mph! When we came back downtown just a few minutes later the fog was all gone. I'm glad I got pictures!

We have decided to get the metal roof for our house in barn red. I think it will look just great with our brick. It costs a bit more but this is probably a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Nitro Sun and Awning is going to make our new white awning (just like the old one) and we have hired a neighbor who does stone-work for the City of South Charleston to rebuild the stone wall in front of the house. He works pretty cheaply, which is how we can afford the metal roof. Richard put the fence up to begin with so he will put up the new fence. We are also going to put a fence on two sides of Audrey's house. We are looking at new garage doors and storm doors too. It depends how much money we have left after the roof and awning. I want to make the house look really good, have good curb appeal.

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