Sunday, August 7, 2011

Damien spent the day with us yesterday

Damien and I played Mario on the Wii for hours and then I took him over to Jeff's house to see Pam's grandkids. Taevion and Damien were born the same day and have played together before but they don't remember that. The kids all played together like they had always known each other. Then they all got in the pool. I took these pictures with my phone so they aren't the greatest. He has grown so much! He starts kindergarten soon, and they have just moved back to Charleston from the Elkview area. School will be good for him. He really hasn't begun to learn to read and write yet. I need to go to the mall and look for some nice school clothes for him. He was wearing his new shoes and they looked great on him. I can't believe he wears size 2 shoes. I wear size 2 shoes! He is going to have big feet!

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