Monday, August 15, 2011

Design Wall Monday and some miscellaneous

Here it is Monday again already. I can't believe another week has gone by. I have done very little sewing this week, embroidered the Halloween shirt and sewed two potholders. Haven't even put the binding on the potholders yet. I need to spend some time cleaning the sewing room and putting fabrics away. I pulled nearly everything out looking for scraps for the Halloween appliques. Then I didn't put it back. Now I have a big job facing me. I worked in the garage for a while yesterday and filled my car with bags for Goodwill. I was going to take them up there today but I guess I am just too lazy to get dressed and go. I'll take them tomorrow before Richard's doctor appointment. I will probably go with him for that. I want to make sure he tells the doctor that he has been feeling bad lately. I am afraid Richard doesn't tell him anything.
Today I put a roast in the electric skillet and I will surround it with potatoes, onions and carrots. I also made up a box of Suddenly Salad. I love pasta salad but I'd rather use a box mix than make it up myself. I am thinking about making some haystacks for dessert. They are a favorite around here. The problem is they are made with sugar and you cannot use Splenda. I tried it once and it did not work.
We are still getting lots of tomatoes from our four tomato plants. I have heard all over that people's tomatoes were not doing well, and that they were nearly finished for the summer. We have had a bumper crop this year and they are not done yet. I took a bag of them to JoAnn's with me yesterday and gave them away. I have eaten a ton of bacon and tomato sandwiches! Richard and I both make a point of eating at least one tomato a day, but I bring in about eight a day. And very few small tomatoes, these things are huge!

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