Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another Bow-tie Idea

I woke up yesterday morning with this idea in my head. The same size blocks in varying shades of green with a smaller bow in the middle, in jewel brights. If I arrange the blocks like this it sort of looks like a Christmas tree. Can you see that the bows sort of look like ornaments or lights on the tree. I'm thinking of making four sections like this and putting them points to the center to be a square Christmas tree skirt. I would put white around the pieced trees, and maybe a trunk at the bottom of each tree. I am going to try to work this up in EQ7 and see if this will work. This is nineteen blocks and what I have in mind would use another row on the bottom to make a total of 29 blocks. I think that would make it a good size. Or I may decide to use these blocks another way entirely!

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