Monday, November 12, 2012

Christmas Ornament

I found this really cute pattern for a Christmas ornament in a McCall's Quilting magazine from December 1997.  It wasn't until I was actually sewing the first one that I realized that it is made exactly like my 3-D Bowtie block that I made 3 quilts from.  You use half-square triangle blocks on the ends to make it look like a spool.  I think it is terrific and I intend to make quite a few of these.  It is smaller than it looks in the picture.  The red plaid block is just 4".  I bought a quarter yard of red and white stripe and a quarter yard of green and white stripe to make the spools.  Excuse the pins in the picture.  I haven't finished sewing this block yet.  I also need to add ribbon for a hanger.

Remember the fire in the previous post?  It was ruled arson.  Thank heavens no one was injured.  The owner had moved out because someone had stolen the copper wire in the house.  The bad thing was that it was way up on the hill where the streets are very narrow.  Only the small fire engines were able to get up there.  There are usually cars parked on both sides and you can only drive down the middle and most are curvy and steep.  I don't want to live up there.

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