Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Oh no, the heat pump isn't working!  No kidding, Richard called me at work yesterday and said the compressor wasn't working on the heat pump.  He put the unit in nine or ten years ago but he was stumped about why the compressor wasn't working.  He made a call to a heating and cooling company to come look at it.  I told him I hope he has a boatload of money.  Since he has always done this kind of work here we have not had to pay a lot of money for it.  The heating and cooling guy was supposed to call this afternoon and he didn't call at all.  Hopefully, Richard has now fixed the unit.  He replaced the capacitor a couple of years ago and he thinks it went bad.  It cost like ten dollars for a new one, so he replaced it again and now we have heat again.  He goes from vent to vent with his little lazer gun testing the temperature of the air coming out.  He seems to be satisfied by what he is finding.  We got a little chilled last night.  We have an electric fireplace in the living room (one of the best purchases we ever made) and a couple of little heaters.  We can also wrap up tight in fleece.  In the middle of the night I got up to go to the bathroom and felt chilly so I put a fleece nightgown over top of my nylon nightgown.  I had an extra fleece blanket at hand but I didn't use it.  I sleep under a fleece blanket all year, especially in the summer because of the air conditioning.  And for the winter we have fleece sheets on the beds.

Debbie, Diane and Tammy were going to Debbie's house today to work on Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt.  I didn't go because Richard stayed home to take care of the heat pump.  I already have the first clue finished so if I had gone I would have worked on my Wild Child quilt.  I hated missing out.  Tomorrow I work from 11 to 4 so I will take my Wild Child so I can work on it between customers.  I have my choice of machines to sew on while at work and I have been choosing the new Viking Opal 650.  I am going to buy one when they open up sales to Viking employees.  It will be a great machine to take to retreats and to other's houses to sew for a day.  It uses the same feet and bobbins as my Viking SE.  I hate to move the SE around because I could bump it and mess up the computer in it.  The Opal sews just like my SE and I like that.

On a kitty note, Rosie is somewhat off her feed.  She is eating but not like usual and has puked several times.  That is not like her.  She doesn't act sick though.  I am keeping a close watch on her.  Here are some pictures of Rosie, the last one on my Almost Heaven quilt (Bonnie Hunter's Orca Bay) before it was quilted.

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