Saturday, June 1, 2013

I'mmmm Baaaack!

Finished the Tropical Punch Quilt!  I think it looks beautiful on my bed.  Viking will be vending at the WV Quilters Quilt Show in Summersville, West Virginia in a couple of weeks and this quilt will be decorating our space.  They are also taking my Topsy Turvy Nine-Patch Quilt to hang, and another one I haven't shown yet if I get it done in time.  I have more to say later but right now I have to take Audrey to work at the mall.  Then Richard wants to go to St. Albans to look at the new Fiats.  (We are NOT buying a new car, he used to drive Fiats and now wants to see what they've done to them.)  Anyway, look for another post really soon.

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