Thursday, June 13, 2013

It's my birthday!

As of today I am sixty-two years old.  I can honestly say I never expected to live this long.  Most of my family is not long-lived, of course, they were all smokers, and I never smoked in my life.  I did breathe second-hand smoke for forty-five years.  Since then I simply do not allow smoking where I have to breathe.  My mother was one month from her sixty-sixth year when she died of lung cancer.  Dad lived to eighty but he quit smoking at age thirty-eight.  Heart disease and everything else smoking causes took the rest of them.  I am being treated for heart disease even though I have never had heart symptoms simply because of my family history.  My brother had a heart attack at age fifty-two.

Richard and I were going to spend the day out running around but there came up a horrible storm before we got out.  We had high winds and hard rains and I was glad we were still at home.  The sky was very cloudy but we went to Elder-Beerman this afternoon because they had texted me a coupon for 50% off a single item today only.  I used the coupon to get a new nightgown that was already 25% off, so the $44 nightgown was only $16.50  I also bought a new white cardigan sweater that was on clearance, $59 for $29.49.  I lost a white sweater a couple of weeks ago when I left it somewhere.  I quit shopping then because I don't torture Richard by shopping too much when he is with me.  We then drove out Corridor G to have an early dinner at Panera Bread.  We also stopped in Cabela's and bought a couple of pieces of chocolate peanut butter fudge (yum!).  Then we came back home and settled down for the evening.  Now here I am updating my blog and Richard is watching tv and playing Words with Friends on his phone with Audrey and with me.  It wasn't a bad day at all.

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