Thursday, June 6, 2013

West Virginia Shop Hop

Well, two days and probably six hundred miles were spent doing the Shop Hop.  Debbie, Diane and I visited eleven quilt shops in West Virginia, signing up to win prizes at each shop.  The only thing wrong was that Tammy was not with us.  She went home to the Cayman Islands the other day so we had to carry on without her.  This picture is one of the beautiful quilts we saw.  Each shop used the same blocks to make up their own quilts and there was quite a variety!  This one was my favorite, I think from The Sew Inn in Morgantown.  I'm sure Diane will correct me if I'm wrong.  I did not buy the blocks this time because I still haven't finished the quilts from the last two shop hops.  We hit eight shops yesterday (the first day of the shop hop) and it took us about fourteen hours.  We had great weather all day, then after the last shop, on the worst road possible, there came up a downpour that lasted all night long and included thunder and lightning.  Debbie was driving and I was helping by watching the side of the road.  I commend her skills.  It was very nerve-wracking.  We had just left the shop near Hawk's Nest and drove down Rt. 60 with all the hairpin curves.  At times it was nearly impossible to see the road in front of us.  Debbie did a great job and deposited us at my house (where Diane had left her car) and I was sure glad to be home.  I restrained myself when it came to buying all the wonderful fabrics and notions I saw because I want to go on vacation sometime soon.  This morning we picked up where we left off and visited three more shops.  We didn't have to hurry today and enjoyed it much more.  Kudos to the great quilt shops of West Virginia, and I'm already looking forward to going again next year.

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  1. Debbie,
    Right on! It was a wonderful time, we, laughed and got really crazy acting, but, we had a great time!
    Quilt is from Morgantown...