Monday, July 15, 2013

Storm Clouds

I was sitting on the porch the other evening when these storm clouds started closing in.  They were coming from the east, usually they come from the west.  I already had the first picture on my computer, but quickly took the others to show what it looked like.  I sat there until it was raining hard and I started getting wet.  Usually I can sit there during a storm and maybe get my feet wet but that time the whole porch got wet.
Notice, also, the roof on the house across the street.  My neighbor put a new metal roof on his house.  He must have liked our new roof because he got the same people to do his.  He had a tin roof (very old!) and when they took the sheets of metal off there was nothing under it except for some studs.  They put sheathing on, then a layer of rolled felt, then another layer of sheathing, then the metal roof.  I'll bet it makes a huge difference in his energy bills!
My brother lives in the house directly across the street with the big yard.  The yellow fence encloses his above-ground pool.  I call it the yellow monstrosity.  They tie a big dog out there daily by the deck and then let the grandkids play there.  One of them does her gymnastics there.   

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