Monday, May 2, 2011

Shoes and Rosie watching TV

Sunday evening I was watching a TV show about kittens and Rosie came up and noticed. She sat there and watched the kittens for a good ten minutes, even waiting thru commercials for the kittens to come back on. She always looks at the TV to see if there are animals to watch but she has never watched for that long. She seemed to really enjoy it!

Friday afternoon Audrey and I rode the bus to Marmet to get Richard's Dodge Nitro after the windshield was replaced and the car was painted. Just before we got on the bus Audrey looked down and pointed at my feet. "You are wearing two different shoes!" she said, laughing out loud. I sure was, and there was no time to run home to change. I wore them like that the rest of the day. You know, something like that can ruin your confidence! If someone had said something about it I would have said, "I meant to do that," or "I have another pair at home just like them," but nobody did.

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